Pelt Quality

1st Grade / Sound 
Clean, fresh stock where pelts are in good shape, free from flay marks, knife cuts, and seed. May include some light rib, especially around the neck area.

2nd Grade / Second Dressing
Pelts may be slightly asymmetrical (out of shape), and may show light rib, and some belly seed (but otherwise free, or practically free of seed). Skins may show occasional cuts and/or faults in the neck and/or flank area.

3rd Grade / Selected Damage
May include cuts and/or medium rib and/or light to medium seed or be asymmetrical (out of shape), but the prime area is free from serious detect.

4th Grade / Damaged
Heavy rib and/or seed damage and/or asymmetrical (out of shape) or otherwise damaged. All extremely badly damaged pelts are excluded. 

Skins which have been torn into two or more pieces during the take-off from the animal. Mainly used for the toy or mosaic rug production.