Nappa is a full grain leather generally sourced from sheep of lamb depending on the quality requirements of the end product. It is known for its flexible properties, and soft touch.

Nappa is often used to produce wallets, briefcases & bags, home furnishings, car interiors, garments, gloves and footwear. 

  • Lamb Skins - Older Shorn Lambs (up to 13 months) are generally used for this product as any pelt imperfections are usually corrected by the Nappa Coating. Shorn Lamb Skins come into production around January and continue throughout the year. Early in the season wool length commences around 0.25 inch and lengthens as the season progresses to 1.5 to 2.5 inches and longer. Most of these skins are seed affected so only a smaller proportion of the total production are suitable for in garment applications.
  • Sheep Skins - Provide lower grade Nappa with heavier pelt and more skin defects.

Skin Selection
Nappa generally requires close to perfect skins which must be Seed Free or Light Seedy. Generally speaking, the stronger the pelt, the coarser the wool... and vice versa. A Wool Count of 50 to 60's is usually the most appropriate, providing the correct balance between pelt strength and fine wool.