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Australian is famous for producing the highest quality Sheep and Lamb Skin available anywhere in the world. With such a large and diverse country, Australian livestock is raised in a broad variety of climates, conditions and landscapes. As a result, Australia is in a unique position to provide skins suitable for any manufacturer's requirements. Whether you need to produce glamorous Mouton, the softest nappa, the warmest floor rug, or other, we are sure to carefully prepare, exactly select, and supply the finest raw materials to fit your purpose. 

Animal Population
Approximately 80% of all Australian sheep are pure merinos bred for its high yielding fleece of fine quality wool. About 10% of the remaining population are fine to medium merino crossbreds types, with the balance made up of coarse wool cross breeds.

Due to prolonged unfavorable conditions, and a general lack of water / rainfall, the Australian population of Sheep and Lambs has continued to dwindle over recent years. In 2008, the total number of sheep and lambs in Australia had dropped to 79 million, the lowest levels since the 1920's. Analysts agree that numbers will continue to fall in the coming years. However slaughter numbers are continuing to increase each year, producing approximately 11 million Sheep Skins and 21 million Lamb Skins in 2009.
In Australia there are over 100 different types of Sheep and Lamb Skin, with individual strengths, weakness, and characteristics depending on a variety of factors such as the size, age, region and breed of the animal.

Australian Sheep and Lamb Skins can be divided into three general categories:
                  1. Spring Lambs: young lambs which have not been shorn.
                  2. Shorn Lambs: older lambs slaughtered later in the season after shearing.
                  3. Sheep Skin: mature sheep.

Source: AgStats on GSP (7117.0.30.001) CD-ROM
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